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Prosperity Foundation

Product No. BCP-1001

Price: $9.00

Experience God's foundational truths for prosperity through the power of His Word as provided in this series of books which serve as building blocks, leading us toward understanding our divine purpose: ruling and having dominion in the earth. Most of the body of Christ is not aware of our privileges and requirements within the Kingdom of God. Anything less than walking in accordance with the original order and the specifications for which man was created is poverty and must be overthrown in our lives. Jesus paid the price for us to be restored to our rightful Kingdom positions; first as sons of God, then serving as lords and kings. The season has come and it is now time for us to possess the fullness of our prosperity within the set place God preordained for each of us - dispossessing the enemies that hinder the full manifestation of the Kingdom of God in and through our lives. Heed the call! Enter into this season of opportunity! Make a quality decision to receive your inheritance in the earth! Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

God's Divine Order for Prosperity

Product No. BCP-1002

Price: $9.00

When God created man, it was inherent in man's design to walk in the fullness of prosperity, success and excellence. When man fell into sin, everything that was inherently God's divine order for His creation became perverted or twisted. It is God's divine will for us, His children to prosper in every area of our lives: spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially. When the first four areas are perfected, money will not have dominion over you for the love of money is the root of all evil. God's desire is for us to walk in the fullness of our covenantal blessings so that we may be a blessing until all the families of the earth are blessed.

Get Rich thru Your Niche!

Product No. BCP-1003

Price: $11.00

Before God will release into our hands all that He has for us, He will test and provide several areas. To be positioned to fulfill His mandate for us to be fruitful, to multiply, to subdue, to replenish and to have dominion we have to demonstrate our faithfulness of the little things. There is no getting around this principle if you choose to walk in your kingdom ordained position to rule with Christ. This book will help you to examine where you are and to seek God for help to come into where you should be.

Establishing the Kingdom: Ruling with Character

Product No. BCP-1004

Price: $13.00

What is the kingdom of God? How does it differ from church as we know it? We must understand that we were created in the image and after the likeness of Jesus Christ. When we became born again, we received the kingdom of God and its king to dwell within us. In order to be perfected where we reflect the fullness of the image of Christ, we must understand who He is and how we are to submit to His rulership for it is the standard we are to live by.

Kingdom Release for Prosperity

Product No. BCP-1005

Price: $13.00

The ways of the kingdom of God are not the ways of the world, for His ways lead to life and the ways of the world lead to destruction. Our position to reign has already been established by God before the foundation of the world, however to be perfected in our positioning and to see the manifestation of our kingdom authority, we must endure the process designed to develop our Godly character. Those who are in need of the answers we can provide will not otherwise see a clear and distinct difference between those who are kingdom citizens and those who are still in the world. This book provides biblical examples of development in character before being released to rule for God.

Prosperity Series

Product No. BCP-1000

Price: $45.00

Complete Prosperity series: Experience God's foundational truths for prosperity through the power of God's word.

Governing Your Organization - Manual & CDs

Product No. DBE-1002

Price: $90.00

Governing Your Organization - Manual

Product No. DBE-1001

Price: $12.00

Governing Your Organization is a guide to effective board management. This manual contains information to assist visionaries and principle officers in governing their non-profit organization in excellence as well as to be in compliance with spiritual and natural laws. Although this manual is not exhaustive, information is provided to assist with mitigating and managing potential risk factors in key areas, with the goal of strengthening one's resolve to execute fiduciary responsibilities as wise and effective stewards over that which has been given to accomplish.