Spiritual Growth

Doing Business with Excellence

Doing Business with Excellence is an outreach established under HMI to proclaim, teach and preach the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ to the multitudes.  This is accomplished by conducting seminars, conferences and other training venues regarding the kingdom of God and kingdom principles.  Valerie Rogers also delivers the messages of the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ through published books, magazines, electronic media and other vehicles.  Proceeds from this outreach are donated within HMI to help facilitate the distribution of funds in support of other HMI kingdom oriented programs.

Teachings made available on this website are offered for your edification and learning at no charge.  We operate under the mandate provided in accordance with Matthew 10:7-8 which states, "And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give."

Apostolic Network Alliance

HMI's Apostolic Network Alliance is based on relational association which provides apostolic mentoring and accountability to churches, ministries and business leaders. The network is designed to develop and equip ministry and business leaders around the world with the strategy needed to enable them to give birth to their vision and to bring for the purposes of God. Through teachings and impartations, the network is to develop leaders to conduct and transact business in the most excellent Spirit of God for the maximization of their kingdom authority and power within their realm of influence.

Women's Business Alliance

The Women's Business Alliance is an outreach program under Doing Business with Excellence and is designed to provide networking opportunities for Christian women in business and women who have a desire to establish a business. The networking opportunities are conducted at monthly luncheons which provide biblical teaching, spiritual direction and prayer, empowering women to become successful for the Kingdom of God by impactfully and purposefully establishing kingdom dominion within their respective regions.

Women have a wonderful and powerful role to play in manifesting God's kingdom in the earth.  It is through women that the heel of their feet will bruise the head of the serpent.  Women were designed to carry the "nurturing" side of God.  The enemy continues to launch an age old attack against women to pervert our role as nurturers, hindering it from being fully realized in our families, our homes, our communities and in the marketplace.

Many women while walking in their purpose lack the understanding of God's love and plans for us to become great through the full maximization of our purpose in the earth.  Many of us have experienced terrible setbacks and disappointments.  Some have even found themselves in compromising positions because the enemy whispers lies and schemes having us believe that we have to behave like ungodly men in order to be successful in the marketplace.  Some women are still suffering the pangs of guilt and shame over some choices made while at the same time believing that God will never forgive.  We have a loving Father full of mercy and grace with bowels of compassion towards us.

The Women's Business Alliance is a network for women involved in business who God desires to use greatly in establishing the kingdom of God in the marketplace.  We must come to a realization that everything we have belongs to Him for His use and glory. As we understand His principles and follow His instructions, women will prosper beyond what we can hope or imagine.  He desires to establish some people on the frontlines in various regions, to co-labor with Him demonstrating the effectiveness of kingdom principles throughout all industries. He will manifest the kingdom's economy when we come together in unity and harmony, all for His glory and purpose.