Economic Development

HMI's focus is to raise the waste places and areas of desolation and blight in economically depressed neighborhoods. The processes of restoration HMI incorporates will provide for safer communities, job and business opportunities, and potential home ownership to those who would not otherwise be in a position to qualify. Realized profits will be reinvested into services and operations to improve the quality and effectiveness of products provided to our customers. Banking services will be provided in communities where they are needed the most; eliminating the use of predatory practices while using evaluation criteria for providing services to families and businesses that go beyond assessing risk based on a credit score.

HMI will provide programs and services to help increase economies and viabilities within targeted communities by the pooling of resources with other organizations and agencies. We will teach individuals basic coping and other life skills through various classroom and workshop instruction designed to assist them with expanding their economic empowerment to achieve higher standards of living in order to make meaningful and lasting contributions within their communities.

Specific areas of focus regarding programs implemented in this organization includes:

  1. Technology and productivity centers designed to teach computer related skills and to provide youth and young adults access to facilities to help them enhance their learning and technical skills;
  2. Community revitalization by collaborating with organizations to build or to renovate low to middle income housing, apartments and senior assisted living facilities in an effort to eliminate homelessness and the urban decay that causes challenging socioeconomic conditions;
  3. Collaboration with organizations, governing authorities and small businesses to facilitate the increase of workforce investments that creates realistic job opportunities for individuals who may otherwise be difficult to place in reasonably waged jobs;
  4. Establishment of community banks to assist small businesses that may not otherwise qualify for traditional business startup financing; and
  5. Establishment of a small business institute designed to train individuals and assist them with starting and maintaining their own businesses.

Funding is obtained primarily from various gifts and grant programs to include government, foundations and private resources.