HMI's Strategic Prayer network is a gathering of believers who are graced to provide prayer focus and coverage for every aspect of the ministry inclusive of (1) its vision, purpose and programs; (2) staff, alliances and partners; (3) assigned lands, regions and atmospheres; and (4) for individuals who are in need of prayer.

Not only is HMI assigned to release a clarion call to those who are raised to possess the land in the realm of the spirit and to restore ancient ruins of past desolations, we are to also train and equip individuals who are called to work alongside of us in strategic patterns divinely inspired to invoke the justices of God towards the recovery of the treasures of darkness, hidden riches of secret places and the obtaining of spoils through spiritual warfare for the transference and distribution of wealth and resources to build His kingdom and people.

We will keep our team members informed of prayer targets and focuses, prophetic utterances and strategies as they become available. We will also notify participants when we will be conducting training. All are welcome to participate.

If you are being led by God to be a part of this intercessory prayer network, you can reach us by filling out the contact form on this website.