Corporate Sponsorship

Bringing about positive and lasting change within our communities cannot be accomplished solely by one person or even one organization. Corporate movements happen as a result of individual decisions. Collaborations among many stakeholders who understand the importance of social responsibility and who share similar ideals and passions for making a difference creates a synergy for accomplishing great dreams. It is not the programs that make people great, but it is people who make people great. All we have to do is believe in the potential of one another.

Benevolence is the intent to do well or to extend a kindness to those in need. The opportunity to do good unto all men is a responsibility of all. The boundaries of caring extend beyond just the religious community into our corporate communities as well. As HMI presents outreach programs designed to build the capabilities and capacities of those who have fallen victim to the effects of poverty and distress, we encourage and invite corporations to partner with us in our collective social and moral responsibility to do good unto all men, bringing them to a place of productivity and wholeness. Volunteers, in-kind resources, and monetary contributions are all welcomed.