Legacy Program

A legacy is defined as something handed down from an ancestor, a predecessor, or from the past. A legal perspective for the term legacy is a gift of property by will; specifically a gift of personal property. Although the word legacy is not found in the Holy Scriptures, a word that would be synonymous to it is the word heritage which means an inheritance.

As a promise and pattern set by God for us to follow, there are many examples in the scriptures that provide an understanding that we are not only to receive an inheritance but we are also to leave an inheritance for future generations. God, the Father, is our chief example. He gave His only Son so we may have all spiritual blessings in Christ and then have a pledge or security interest for our inheritance through the Holy Spirit.

In every legacy given to us as a believer, it is first God who gives. He gave Abraham a promise in the form of Isaac from which we who are his seed are recipients of his heritage or inheritance. According to Proverbs 12:22 a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. A good man does a good work of the Lord and also wants to know that the fruit of his labor continues on for generations to come.

The Lord desires us to bring forth fruit that lasts, remaining for generations to come. One manner in which we can provide lasting and perpetual fruit is by considering ways in which our seed can continue to make a difference not only today but for future generations.

We thank you and appreciate your consideration in maximizing your precious seed. You can include our ministry as part of your planned giving, and long-range financial and estate planning in the forms of:

  • Charitable bequests
  • Living trust
  • Retirement plan
  • Charitable gift fund accounts

Gifts of this kind ensure you will have fruit that lasts, leaving a spiritual legacy for future generations.

Disclaimer: This organization and its representatives are not engaged in rendering legal, investment or tax advisory services. Advice from legal counsel or other professional advisors should be sought when considering these types of gifts.