Our Team

The organization has a governing board of elders who are accountable to one another and to God in their responsibility for setting the policies and direction of the organization through prayer and the word of God in order to: (1) ensure the proper focus in accomplishing the ministry's vision; (2) provide oversight in the effective and efficient operation of the organization by the executive staff; and (3) develop effective and measurable policies and procedures in compliance with the ministry's fiduciary responsibilities. Our fiscal policies and fiduciary responsibilities are based upon sound biblical principles.

Board of Directors

Valerie Rogers
Chairman and CEO

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hesed Ministries International, Valerie not only preaches, teaches and proclaims the gospel of the Kingdom of God, she also oversees the daily operations in the fulfillment of the organization's purpose to demonstrate the love and kindness of God towards those in need of help emotionally and those who are imprisoned and impoverished; educating them on how to be developed in and to establish foundational truths that will facilitate avenues of prosperity into their lives and communities causing them in turn to be an asset to themselves, their families and to society.

She also serves as a business development consultant. Her unswervingly keen insight into sound kingdom principles helps facilitate, develop and build business foundations that will last. Her experience also includes helping other non-profit organizations accomplish their business goals. As a prolific teacher, she helps individuals establish businesses in accordance with Kingdom principles, while simultaneously providing a witness and an authentication in the earth that demonstrates how the principles work when applied.

Gregory Foltz
Corporate Treasurer

Greg and his wife Rebekah are both faithful servants having served in a variety of ministerial and leadership positions within the body of Christ. They are submitted under the pastoral covering of The Gate DC, which carries a heavy anointing as a prophetic watchman and intercessory prayer ministry. The Gate DC is also the parent ministry for the Healing Rooms of Washington DC where they currently serve as Assistant Directors and are members of the International Association of Healing Rooms. The purpose and focus of the healing rooms is to minister understanding about salvation, healing, the anointing, prayer, deliverance and impartation of healing to those who experience sickness and infirmities. In addition to ministering to individuals, they assist with teaching and equipping members of the local churches about healing and deliverance.

Greg and his wife were also assigned for more than two years in an urban mission called Urban Outreach, located in SE Washington DC where they established and operated various food ministries to include a soup kitchen and food pantry. They have also maintained a cell church and a women's bible study group meeting in their home. While they have operated for several years between the front-lines and the support-lines to demonstrate God's compassion and justice, they continue to serve the community and the body of Christ as a whole by contending for the manifestation of the fullness of all that Christ promised the church. Their passion and commitment for ministry is based upon John 14:12 which states, "the works that I do shall you do also and greater works than these."

LaTrenda Hunt
Corporate Secretary

LaTrenda is an anointed ministry gift to the body of Christ. She is particularly endowed with a grace to perfect the saints through exhortation, encouragement and comfort. While preaching and declaring the whole counsel of the word of God for more than a decade, she was ordained as an elder in the Lord's church in 1998 and is submitted under the pastoral care of Bishop Rodney S. Walker, Senior Pastor of Heritage Church International in Waldorf, MD and Founder of Another Touch of Glory Ministries. LaTrenda was consecrated and serves as a Prophetic Presbyter in Another Touch of Glory Ministries, Training Center of Prophetic People. In addition to being assigned in various positions of responsibility in both Heritage Church International and Another Touch of Glory Ministries, her faithfulness and commitment to serve positioned her to be consecrated and set in the position of House Prophet at Heritage Church International in 2007.

Her servant's heart and love for the word of God and His people has opened up opportunities for her to preach and teach in various venues to include bible studies in the home and in the work place. Having the heart of a worshiper, LaTrenda believes that when we worship God with our whole heart, visitations from the Lord results in providing the revelation of Christ and the manifestation of Christ in us.  She has been the life partner and help mate of nearly twenty years to Elder Mitchell Hunt. They currently reside in Temple Hills, Maryland.

Apostolic Network Alliance

HMI's Apostolic Network Alliance is based on relational association which provides apostolic mentoring and accountability to churches, ministries and business leaders. The network is designed to develop and equip ministry and business leaders around the world with the strategy needed to enable them to give birth to their vision and to bring for the purposes of God. Through teachings and impartations, the network is to develop leaders to conduct and transact business in the most excellent Spirit of God for the maximization of their kingdom authority and power within their realm of influence.

Advisory Councils and Committees

HMI's Advisory Councils and Committees are made up of leaders from various industries that provide broad guidance in meeting the needs for implementing HMI's various outreach programs through strategic developments and in raising funds and support. Individuals selected to serve on these committees provide an important venue for our outreach programs in leveraging strategic marketing and awareness of HMI within their communities/industries and beyond. The advisory committees afford its members the opportunity to broaden their desire to serve, collaborate with and learn from one another.

  • IT Advisory Committee
  • Investment & Endowment Advisory Committee
  • Program Development Advisory Committee
  • Workforce Investment Advisory Council